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CleanMyMac 3 Review – How It Works on Cleaning Mac

CleanMyMac 3 from Macpaw is a cleaning tool for Mac users to clean junk files, log files, speed up Mac computers by maintaining, cleaning, optimizing Mac computer performance. It can intelligently remove the unnecessary files or closing the program that you don’t want to use.

Apart from the main cleaning features, it also has the amazing widget which will let you instantly empty the trash, give details about the hard drive, battery, and RAM on your Mac, and you also could review how many large files or useless files on your Mac, it will ask if you want to delete large files to gain back more spaces and speed up your Mac.

It’s quite easy to use CleanMyMac 3, when you start a full scan, the app looks for log and cache files, universal binaries, language files, and other data that is not critical. You will get scanning results quickly after the quick scan, it took the software just over five minutes to scan my entire system and flag around 10GB worth of files for deletion.

How CleanMyMac 3 Works on Cleaning Mac

I was glad to receive a license code of CleanMyMac 3 and installed it on my iMac. And then I run it on my iMac, found out nearly 10 GB junk files and make my iMac faster.

When you have already download and installed CleanMyMac 3 on your Mac, launch it on your Mac, the interface looks like as below.

cleanmymac3 review interface

It provides Smart Clean Met hod by default. I just used it, click Scan. It start scanning the system junks, iTunes junks, mail attachments, trash bins, large & old files on my iMac.

cleanmymac3 review scanningcleanmymac3 review start scanningAnd after 5 mins, I got the scanning report showed. Can’t believe that there are 9.31 GB junk files on my iMac and can be safely removed, and there are 76.28 GB large & old files needs review.

cleanmymac3 review scanning in progress

When you click each category, there are info shows you the details what will be removed by smart clean.

cleanmymac3 review smart clean

And you are able to check the large & old files manually, remove or keep. CleanMyMac 3 also gives you alert when you check some important files.cleanmymac3 review large files

cleanmymac3 review check large files

After reviewing, I clicked “Clean”, and CleanMyMac 3 start the smart cleaning for me. Before it executes the cleaning, it asks the permission. You are able to see the progress in time.

cleanmymac3 review start cleaning

cleanmymac3 review clean in real timeOnly 5 mins, CleanMyMac 3 removed all the junk files for me, and I gained back 8.63GB spaces back on my iMac! So cool!

cleanmymac3 review clean is over

In summary

CleanMyMac 3 is safe, and works quite well on cleaning gigabytes of junk files from your Mac, you can get it to have a try and decide to purchase it or not based on your needs.

Get CleanMyMac 3 now for only $39.95!



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