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Best Duplicate Finder for Mac 2017 to Find Duplicate Files Easily

You are looking for the best  duplicate finder for Mac to quickly and easily find the duplicate files on your Mac computer as me? Which one should be the best duplicate finder on the market 2017? What the features it should have? I think the best duplicate finder for Mac should be chosen by the customers. I found the best duplicate finder via Mac users’ reviews and ratings.
best duplicate finder for mac 2017
My best choice for finding duplicate files on Mac is Gemini 2, which is awarded by customer reviews and ratings, you can read what they are saying about this best duplicate finder for Mac.

Reviews and Ratings About the Best Duplicate Finder for Mac

“I’ve been an active user of MacPaw’s Gemini software since its inception, and Gemini 2’s release today has made me fall in love with it all over again. In just the initial scan, Gemini 2 found more files and more places where I could intelligently clear and save space on my Mac.”

- 9to5mac

“If you want to clean up your Mac, but are trepidatious about digging around in your files and accidentally deleting something important, Gemini 2 has a lot to offer and makes the whole process very simple.”

“With Gemini 2 there’s little reason to fear duplicates. It has a polished, intuitive user interface and the brains to differentiate copies from originals by testing them against nearly a dozen different parameters. It’s also much faster, especially compared to digging through thousands of files and folders the old-fashioned way.”

best duplicate finder for mac user ratings

Best duplicate finder I’ve used  ★★★★★
by NicholasNayme

Photography and drawing are my hobbies, I have a photo archive of over 25K pics and another with many hundreds of drawings. As you probably know, many apps like this just grab all versions of a pic that are close to each other or similar. Gemini is more fine tuned, this app detects small differences, which is great. It will notice if i change just a few lines on a drawing or alter a small part of a photo, the price doesn’t bother me – i paid for it once a couple of years ago, i keep getting the updates free, it always works well and i use it constantly, good value.

Works great if you use it right. ★★★★★
by resourcesforlife.com

Today is Monday, 16 May 2016.1 just bought the Gemni 2 upgrade and used it. The program is working fine. For best results, don’t try to scan your entire hard drive. Letfs say you think you have some duplicate photos in two different places. Follow these steps: (1) Create a single folder on your desktop called ‘compare’ and then drop folders or files inside of that. (2) Click and drag the ‘compare’ folder into the Gemini 2 app. It compares everything in the folder you drop onto the app. It’s really that simple.

Almost perfect.  ★★★★★
By MrGabrielSan

This app is very polished. It’s smart and it’s easy to use. I highly recommend it.

Excellent, better than ever ★★★★★
By Kashol

Best duplicate finder. It does give you the file path to the duplicates OR the date so you can make an informed decision on deleting. Reviewer on May 10 was way off for giving a bad review thinking  the path location view is gone. It is not gone. It is still there. Should had looked harder!

Simple to Use ★★★★★
by Redseadiver77

I’ve always been afraid to use duplicate file removal software. A couple of things Tve noticed. One is that I have stored duplicate copies of files all over my Mac. If in doubt, save. This program lets you compare tiles and pick one you want to delete. It also works with same or similar pictures. I found out I had all my music stored in two locations so instead of going through every duplicated song, I went to the duplicate directory and deleted that, which saved a whole bunch of time. Great program! You won’t be disappointed after your purchase.

Useful product if you work in sales and are always researching and downloading files. ★★★★★
by Chantal.268

I work in sales and I am contantly downloading exhibit designs for my work and saving things. By doing so, it uses so much space on my computer so once I have cleaned my mac with ‘Clean My Mac 3’ ehich superb to remove junk, cache junk and everything else from all folders, I then use ‘Gemini T to remove any duplicates and it said I had about 7.9gb of duplicate stuff. Anyways, my mac is back to being fast as usual!

Improvement but still needs some machine intelligence -for iCIoud 
by BeevdOut

Much improved version for 2.3.8 still, wish it was MUCH more intelligent for the 19.99 price able to take into account local vs iCIoud vs Archival storage. Also wish it could handle contacts and be cognescent of the effect to the iCIoud and other connected devices. This should really be used in only a standard user, single user with no icloud or advanced networking, profiles or connected drives. It would be helpful to understand what the purpose of the gamificiation eggs recommending products with no actionable use, since the release of APFS+ and Filevault – last updated per their website in 2015. The product also seems like something should be a NATIVE featire of their most developed utility “CieanMyMac” which is the most useful, and has many crossover features (such as scanning external drives)-! was also surprised that it no longer found the 90+ copies, of each of the same identical 24 photos that keep randomly importing for no reason into my photo literary which DID get found in the previous version of the tool and would be MUCH more useful now that photos is directly tied to iCIoud- Machine learning algorithms may improve the search and removal over time but the first scan with the updated too! with 36,000 photos many are exact duplicates. In comparison, with other tools, it’s still the best as far as removal – but the amount of manual work, eg finding 5.6GiG of duplicates, but only being able to distinguish 586MiB without manual intervention makes this tool around 10% accurate on the first sweep, if you don’t take into account that some of those were actually incorrect removals. A for effort, -1 star for lack of clarity and intelligence and use of more modern frameworks.

Steps to find duplicate files on Mac with the best duplicate finder for Mac 2017

Step 1. FREE Download and install the best duplicate finder Gemini 2 on your Mac computer.

Step 2. Open Gemini 2, drag and drop files or folders into it for scanning.

Step 3. Click scan and you’ll get the list of duplicates it found in categories.

Step 4. Review and select the duplicate files (Auto-select all offers for you), click delete to remove duplicate files on your Mac, gaining spaces back.

If you also find Gemini 2 is the best duplicate finder for Mac and like it, you could buy it at $19.95 from official site or from Mac App Store.

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