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How to Download Bandcamp Music to iPhone

Bandcamp is a publishing platform to discover amazing music from independent artists, a customizable microsite for artist to promote their music they create. Artists upload, store as well as share their music albums.

All music tracks on Bandcamp can be played for free and users are most often provided with the option to purchase the album or a specific track at customizable prices. And Bandcamp also allows option for artists to offer free music downloads with some email subscribe agreements. That is, music lovers can listen to your favorite music online or download the music from Bandcamp to iPhone for offline listening for free.

Download Bandcamp music and save for offline enjoying could be done in mins with a reliable Bandcamp downloader. Read on and you’ll get the tips and tricks of how to download Bandcamp music to iPhone with ease. This means you’d be able to listen to Bandcamp songs wherever you are: on the subway, on a plane, or even while climbing the Everest.

To download Bandcamp music tracks without any fuss, I would like to recommend you Softorino YouTube Converter 2, which could work as a powerful Bandcamp downloader. It is a program that allows you to download music, videos from Bandcamp, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Metacafe, Facebook and many other sites. What’s more, you can directly export and push the music, ringtones, and videos to your iPhone, iPad, or computer with simple clicks.

Steps to download Bandcamp music to iPhone.

Step 1. Download Softorino YouTube Converter 2 and install it on your Computer.
Download Softorino Bandcamp Downloader 2 from its official page (available for Mac and Windows) and install it to your computer.
No worries – The download is free and safe.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC using USB cable.
Just use the standard USB cable to connect your iPhone (or iPad & iPod) to your computer. SYC 2 will download Bandcamp music songs to your iPhone directly without iTunes.

Step 3. Go on Bandcamp and copy the link of the music you want to transfer to your iPhone.
You can simply save music from Bandcamp URL. Just copy the music file URL, and then Softorino Bandcamp Downloader will recognize the music automatically, you don’t need to paste the link again in there. Once you open SYC 2 – you’ll notice the music file in the downloading list. And if you copy 10 links more, they all gonna be added to the list on the spot. This lets you download whole music playlists simultaneously.


Step 4 Start downloading Bandcamp music and transfer to iPhone.
After you completed grabbing all the music links, select the preferred quality rate (for video it can be even 4K & 60fps videos). Under “Audio” tab you can choose Mp3 or AAC as your iPhone music output, you can also stick to the original music format. And then select your iPhone out of the list and hit ‘Convert & Transfer to iPhone’ button to start downloading Bandcamp music and all directly import to iPhone in mins.


Step 5 All done! Just go to your iPhone to find your music in the native Music.app, and listen to them offline and without any limits.

Besides downloading Bandcamp music to iPhone, Softorino tool also can download bandcamp videos to iPhone, or simply download Bandcamp full album to MP3.

Why Choose Softorino Bandcamp Downloader
– Softorino is the only (!) application in the world able to send music, videos or audio from Bandcamp&YouTube straight to iPhone & iPad.
– Listen to music/album directly in the Apple’s factory Music.app.
– Softorino YouTube Converter works with the speed of light!
– Download playlists & songs fromBandcamp directly to your iPhone/iPad
– Download videos/music to your Mac or iTunes library.
– Reviewed and recommended by MacWorld, MacStories and many more great sites.


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