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How to Find Duplicate Files on macOS Sierra

Summary: Duplicate files may occupy many storage of your Mac computer with macOS Sierra, and slow your works. Find duplicate files on your Mac computer using Sierra and remove them would be an efficient way to speed up your Mac. Read on this guide to learn how to find duplicate files on your Mac computer using Sierra and remove them quickly.

“Is it possible to find duplicate files using Sierra, or do I still need a third party app? I thought I saw in the promotions for the new OS that it would be possible, but can’t seem to figure out how. Thanks”—- Asked by theanimal954 in Apple discussions.

Apple introduced the macOS Sierra for Macs at WWDC 2016. And in macOS Sierra introduced a new feature: Optimized Storage, which allows you to delete local duplicates and free up space on your hard drive. And the full feature are: iCloud Drive and Optimized Storage, the details of work process are: iCloud Drive can upload the user’s documents and desktop directories and sync them to other devices. The System Information application has a new section that gives the user detailed information about space usage per application or file and provides tools and suggestions for freeing up space. For instance, the user can let the system upload old files to iCloud Drive and remove their local copies, keeping them available on-demand in Finder. It can also remove old files from trash automatically. iTunes can delete watched, purchased films and TV programs from its library.(Cited Wikipedia)

So is it possible to find duplicate files on Mac using Sierra? The answer is NO.
macOS Sierra can’t really find the duplicate files and remove them. You still need third-party apps. Below, in this guide, you will read the method on how to find duplicate files on Mac with Sierra and remove them quickly.

Method One – Find Duplicate Files on macOS Sierra with Gemini 2 App

Gemini 2 is a professional yet really intelligent duplicate file finder developed by Macpaw. With beautiful&friendly interface, it is very intuitive to use. Gemini 2 use an exclusive algorithm, which not only can help Mac users identify duplicate files but also spot and shred similar files that are not 100% indistinguishable but that can be considered supererogatory due to little difference between them. It let you fully control of your iPhoto and iTunes by finding duplicate photos and delete duplicates in iTunes regularly. With Gemini 2, finding duplicates on macOS Sierra and erase them can be finished within a few clicks:

Step 1 Download Gemini 2 onto your Mac computer and install it on your Sierra. In the opened interface, add or drop file folders with the large “Plus sign.”

find duplicate files_start

Step 2 Go ahead and click on the “Green scan button” to find all the duplicate files on your Mac. It will just take some seconds to do a thorough scan of each and every folder of your device, or the one you have selected and then identify the files that are believed to be the duplicates.

Find duplicate files_scan

Tips: you can check the preference of the app before starting scan. There are many customizations, including an option of restricting the deletion to only exact duplicate files and excluding the similar folders, the ignore list let you delimit the folders, file and files of particular extensions that should be ignored when scanning, and remove method: you can remove the detected duplicates to the Trash of the system, or move to a specific folder, or remove duplicates permanently.

Find duplicate files_perference

Step 3 Show you the detected duplicates files and remove them. After scanning, Gemini 2 displays how much storage space you might be able to free up, along with a breakdown of content type.

Find duplicate files_display

You can remove the duplicate files that are selected as a ‘duplicate’ by click “Smart Cleanup”, which you can set in preference -> “Smart Selection”. Or you can review results in File View list, you can check the properties of that file by double-clicking the thumbnail or compare similar images or videos from the larger Grid view preview for comparison. Then you can delete the selected duplicates by clicking on a button present on the bottom right corner of the interface.

Find duplicate files_delete

If you like Gemini 2, you can purchase it at $19.95(Single License) here or buy from Mac App Store.

Method Two – Detect Duplicate Files on macos Sierra With DuplicateFinder App

Cisdem DuplicateFinder also is a very easy to use duplicate file finder for Mac, it can detect duplicate files including documents, images, musics, videos, archives, packages and other documents like spreadsheet and so on, and let you remove the duplicates in bulk with clicks. Cisdem DuplicateFinder has precise detection of duplicates via MD5 value checksum algorithm, which means compare the duplicates byte-by-byte (comparison by file content), also comparison by name, date, size etc. It’s just several clicks to process finding duplicates on Sierra and removing them.

Step 1. Get Cisdem DuplicateFinder (Download the frial trail) on your Mac and run it. And then add file folder(s) you want to scan into the app.mac duplicate finder_add
You can filter scanning duplicates by clicking the gear like icon on the top right corner for advanced settings. Find all true duplicates by file contents or only find the duplicates have same name. Customize filter settings like file size and exception.

mac duplicate finder_settings
Step 2. Click “Scan” to start finding duplicates and get the report.  The found duplicate files will be presented in tab view all together, and all duplicate files will be classified in 7 categories: Documents, Images, Musics, Videos, Archives, Package, and Others. You can choose to show duplicate files in either pie chart or tab view. You’ll see the number of files scanned the duplicates count, and the amount of storage space the duplicate files consume. DuplicateFinder allows you click on any culprit to preview it or trace the location of it and its duplicate(s).

mac duplicate finder_preview

Step 3. Select duplicate files that you want to remove and hit “Delete” button on the bottom right corner to delete duplicate files. If you want to delete all detected duplicate files from your Mac computer Sierra hard drive in one go, just click “Select All” and DuplicateFinder will delete all the duplicate files quickly.

Mac duplicate finder_select-allIf you like Cisdem DuplicateFinder, you can buy it at only $20.99 now. (I applied a discount on it)

Bottom Line

Why I show you two method of finding duplicate files on Mac with two different apps? Well, MacPaw Gemini 2 is really a professional duplicates file finder, and it works quite well on finding duplicates files especially similar photos and videos. I suppose just bcz this powerful features, the speed of scanning a 200 GB data is a little longer. And the Cisdem DuplicateFinder works on only exact duplicate file by same contents (or file name), so the speed of scanning may be faster. If you have a large amount of duplicates files including similar photos or videos, you could choose Gemini 2 to help you solve the duplicates intertwining. But if you only have little duplicates files on your hard drive, you could use Cisdem DuplicateFinder to quick scan and clean up.


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