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How to Burn Photos to DVD on Mac OS X Yosemite

“I have many vacation photos that would like to create into slideshow and burn out as DVD for long-term preserve. How can I access this quickly?” A friend asked me in a common discussion. He has two demands: create photo slideshow with a bunch of photos, and then burn the photo slideshow to DVD. In this review, we are going to talk about some easy to use solutions of creating a photo slideshow and burn the photo slideshow to DVD on Mac OS X, including Yosemite, Leopard and earlier versions.

Burn Photos to DVD on Mac OS X Yosemiite

This part we will show you how to burn photos into DVD directly with two apps on Mac OS X Yosemite. And if you would like to make the photo DVD more stunning, you should create a photo slideshow first.

Burn Photos to DVD on Yosemite with iDVD Alternative

As you are on Yosemite, you may use iPhoto to create a photo slideshow, but it can’t let you export the photo slideshow to DVD directly. You have to export the slideshow out of iPhoto as a QT movie file, and then use iDVD, which let you use a theme, to burn the exported QT movie file into a video DVD. However, as we all know, there is no update for iDVD since Lion. So for Yosemite users, you are unable to use iDVD to burn your photos and video slide to DVD. The advisable way is to use an iDVD alternative instead.

There are a number of Mac DVD burning software enable you to burn photos to DVD, one of the best Mac photo slideshow DVD burning tool I would like to introduce is Filmora for Mac. It is not only a photo slideshow maker but also a DVD burning Mac program, which is an integrated app let you create photo slideshows, videos and burn them out as DVD directly and quickly. You could edit photos, videos, insert audios or voiceovers, create DVD menus and personalize your photo slideshows with titles, captions and transitional effects before burning the photos to DVD.

ratio aspect

Though Filmora for Mac is powerful and professional, it is very easy to use. Just take 4 steps to transform any format of your photos and Video clips to a vivid slideshow and burn out a playable video DVD or as a souvenir for your family.

Step 1. Install and launch the Mac photo video DVD maker.

You could download the free trial version for a test. If you like it, and you can buy it at $39.99   (Coupon: WONDERS2 -20% OFF. A lifetime license for 1PC only) After install the Mac photo video DVD maker, launch it and you’ll see the intuitive interface with guide tips.

Step 2. Import photos, video clips and audio to Mac photo video DVD maker.

You need to import the digital photos, video clips and music that you want to use in your photo slideshow DVD. Simply drag&drop photos and audios you want to show in your slideshow into Filmora DVD Maker’s Media library.

1. Import photos: Filmora DVD Maker for Mac uses a Media library for you to easily store the music, photos and video clips you add to the project. To do this, directly drag-n-drop the photos, video clips from your local folder on Mac Yosemite or you could import from iPhoto. When your photos, video clips uploaded, start creating your first slideshow by drag&drop to add the photos, video clips onto the Film Reel of the storyboard/Timeline.

ratio aspect

2. Add music: With the built in Media library you can choose from our extensive free music library, iTunes or upload your own music. You can also add multiple songs for those longer slideshows, easily coordinating the music with audio editing.

Step 3. Edit photos, video clips design personalized storytelling, and set time duration for photo video DVD and transition.

Edit photos, video clips and design your storytelling: Drag-n-drop the clips from Media Library to the the Timeline. Then you can trim, split, crop a clip, rotate or flip a clip, join video clips; or go for a ripple edit, which lets a single edit ripple down through the rest of the movie to ensure everything stays in sync and just the way you designed it.

Filmora video editor

Add elements and transition: You can add fashionable, funny motion elements and sound effects with ease. Transition effects allow your clips switching from one scene to another in a smoother way. Simply choose the motion element from the element resource library, and drag it to the PIP track, or video overlay track. Navigate to the Transition tab in the toolbar, click to enter the transition effects library. Drag a transition and then drop it in between two video clips. You can preview the motion element and transitiion result in the preview window.

Preview photo slideshow: when completed the photo, video clips and transition editing, you can preview the photo , video movie to ensure the effects are proper. Click the on the preview window to preview the movie from the beginning.

Step 4. Tailor DVD menu and burn photo slideshow to DVD on Mac OS.
Before creating a DVD disc, you can tailor DVD menu to turn your photo, video clips as vivid DVD movies.

Tailor DVD menu:Before burn the photos and video clips to DVD, you can create Menu for your DVD with different templates and customize music.

After completed all the settings, start to burn your photo, video clips to DVD on Mac Yosemite. To burn a DVD disc, you should first check if your Mac has a DVD burner drive (refer to another tutorial for help) and prepare a blank DVD5/ DVD9 DVD-R or DVD-RW.

Burn Photos to DVD on Yosemite with Burn

Another app support burning photos to DVD on Mac OS X Yosemite is Burn. But Burn doesn’t support making photo slideshow; it only burns photos to a simple playable video DVD. If your needs is just burn the photos to DVD, no need show as slideshow, please follow the steps below and the burning process is also easy.


Step 1. Download and install Burn onto your Mac.
Download Burn and install it on your Mac OS X Yosemite. It’s FREE and you could get more information about it from here.

Step 2. Insert photos, audios
Click “+” on the left corner at the bottom of Burn window, you could add photos and audio into Burn for burning photos into DVD.

Step 3. Create DVD menu
Burn allows you to create your own style DVD Menu. You could edit the photo title, background color, placement and size in the MenuEdit window.

Step 4. Burn photos to DVD on Yosemite
When you completed all the settings, click “Burn” to start burning photos to DVD on Mac OS X Yosemite with Burn.

Burn Photos to DVD on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Tiger and Earlier.

For earlier OS X versions, like Mountain Lion, beside the above two methods, you also could burn photos to DVD on Mac with iPhoto and iDVD( Turn to iDVD discussion in Apple community).


Burn Photos to DVD with iPhoto and iDVD

To burn photos to DVD, you need to create a photo slideshow with iPhoto first, and when burn the photo slideshow to DVD, you need first create an iDVD project to start the processing.

Step 1. Create a photo slideshow with iPhoto and export
Import your photos into iPhoto, and create a photo slideshow with it, then export it to a QT movie file via the Export button in the lower toolbar.


Step 2. Import the video file to iDVD and select your theme.
Open iDVD, select a theme and drag the exported QT movie file into the open iDVD window.

Step 3. Insert a blank recordable DVD disc into your DVD burning drive and start burning.
The burning will start automatically. iDVD shows the progress of the encoding and burning as it happens. It can take many hours to burn a project, depending on its size and complexity as well as the speed of your computer and the burner you are using.


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